New Electricity Choices

New Electricity Choices

The Program will have different products to select from, providing you the ability to pick the one that best balances cost and renewable electricity content. Renewable electricity will be certified by purchasing and retiring Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), the accepted legal instrument used to track renewable energy generation and to substantiate claims of renewable energy use. Learn more about RECs.

Uxbridge Standard

Price: 16.310 ¢/kWh for all rate classes.
Term: March 2023 – December 2024
Renewable Energy: Meets all Renewable Energy Certificate requirements set by Massachusetts.

Uxbridge Plus

Price: 17.850 ¢/kWh for all rate classes.
Term: March 2023 – December 2024
Renewable Energy: Adds voluntary Renewable Energy Certificates (MA Class I RECs) in addition to those required by Massachusetts to total 100% renewable.

Please note: Prices for all products in the Uxbridge Community Electricity Program include a $0.001 /kWh commission fee. Program prices could increase as a result of a change in law that results in a direct, material increase in costs during the term of the electricity supply agreement. Program prices apply only to the electricity supply portion of your National Grid electric bill. Delivery charges on your National Grid electric bill are not affected by the Uxbridge Community Electricity Program. 

Products described as Green contain renewable electricity above that required by the Commonwealth. The additional renewable electricity qualifies for MA Class I designation and comes only from solar, wind, anaerobic digestion, and low-impact hydro located within New England. 

For new customers in the Medium and Large Business rate class (see here) and for those customers who have previously opted out of the Program, the program’s supplier may offer a market rate.

National Grid Basic Service Rates

Residential: 14.115 ¢/kWh: May – October 2023
Commercial: 13.393 ¢/kWh: May – October 2023
Industrial: 10.744¢/kWh (SEMA): August – October 2023
Industrial: 11.078 ¢/kWh (WCMA): August – October 2023
Renewable Energy: Meets minimum renewable energy standards